Company-Branded Ties

Do you own a Restaurant, a Company or an Event Planning Service?

Anchor Ties are perfect for anyone who has to wear a tie at work: Restaurant employees, Executives, Attorneys, Politicians, Detectives, Police/Security, or anyone that has to wear a tie. Anchor Ties will never get in your way or touch multiple surfaces.

Do your employees wear ties as a part of their uniform? Are they tired of having their ties get ruined when they reach across the customer's table? I know first hand, just how frustrating wearing a tie can be in the service industry.

Anchor Ties are the perfect solution for anyone who works in the hospitality, entertainment, service or restaurant industries. Now you can have Anchor Ties custom designed to match the look and feel of your restaurant. Order them as gifts or make them available for purchase. Contact us directly for pricing and ordering information.

Corporate Gifts

Tired of giving ties as corporate gifts? Give your employees a tie that works for them, they will thank you for it! We can custom design an Anchor Tie based on your company colors, logo or both.

Custom packaging is also available! Contact us for pricing, quantities and delivery options.

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