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Every Anchor Tie is handcrafted from the highest quality 100% pure silk and is designed to solve all the fundamental problems with the standard tie.

  • Anchor Ties will never sway out of place.
  • Anchor Ties will never fly over your shoulder.
  • Anchor Ties will never get in your way.
  • Anchor Ties will never make you look less professional.
  • Anchor Ties are the worlds ONLY patented "Button-Down Necktie."

Worlds Only Patented "Button-Down Necktie"

Anchor Ties securely "anchor" to your dress shirt, keeping the tie in perfect position all day. In addition, there is a concealed pocket in which you can store business cards, credit cards, money, an iPod, or nothing at all. Even the Anchor Neckwear label is strategically positioned to catch the small end of the tie, regardless of how you tie it. Simply put, Anchor Neckwear is the most functional line of neckwear available.

Once you wear an Anchor Tie, you will never want to wear your old ties again.

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