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The Secret Service needs to wear Anchor Ties, it’s a matter of National Security!

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

We all know that President Obama could stand to use a tie that stays in place (see previous post). But what about the people that protect him? The Secret Service is comprised of some of America’s top agents, who dedicate their life to saving the President in any situation. What would happen if their necktie ever got in the way? ┬áHere is a terrific example of a couple Secret Service agents with their tie’s out of place, which could lead to a distraction of epic proportions.

As you can see, if the Secret Service are going to wear ties, it makes perfect sense to wear a tie that stays in place. It will never get in their way, fly over their shoulder, or sway out of place. Anchor Ties do more than any other tie, they could even save the life of President Obama!

Here are a couple more pictures of Secret Service agents wearing ties.

That tie is terrible!

President Obama, let’s make this happen. Help support an entrepreneur, give yourself and your agents a tie that actually WORKS for THEM!

Live the Tie Life Mr. President!