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Anchor Neckwear Review turns into a Testimonial, guys love wearing Anchor Ties!

Friday, June 11th, 2010

I received this wonderful testimonial from someone who wore an Anchor Tie for the first time.

“I thoroughly enjoy wearing my Anchor Tie and that is a big hurdle because I am not a tie guy. Whenever the occasion forces me to dawn a tie I am usually frustrated. This is in part because I tie a full windsor, not for any other reason than I really like the way it looks. This has always left me with a problem because the nubbin of tie left over is always too short to do anything with except tuck it into my shirt up high, and it is always noticeable. So when Anchor Tie boasted that their Anchor Neckwear label was strategically positioned to catch the small end of the tie, regardless of how you tie it… I was curious to put it to the test. I was very pleased to find out that it did exactly what it said and it passed with flying colors!

Another nice function of this tie, is how it anchors to your dress shirt keeping your tie in place no matter if you lean over or find yourself walking through a windy part of town. This is made possible through elastic bands with button holes on the top and bottom of the concealed pocket. It’s nice that the elastic was placed at the top and bottom, so it is sure to work for everyone. It doesn’t pull or put strain on your neck, and works great regardless of height and style of shirt worn.

If you haven’t checked out Anchor Tie, whether you wear a tie on a daily basis or one every couple of years, you are missing out! This is a tie that dad would in-fact love to receive for Father’s Day or any other day of the year.”

Live the Tie Life,