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Anchor Neckwear and the story behind the ties!

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Anchor Neckwear Review turns into a Testimonial, guys love wearing Anchor Ties!

Friday, June 11th, 2010

I received this wonderful testimonial from someone who wore an Anchor Tie for the first time.

“I thoroughly enjoy wearing my Anchor Tie and that is a big hurdle because I am not a tie guy. Whenever the occasion forces me to dawn a tie I am usually frustrated. This is in part because I tie a full windsor, not for any other reason than I really like the way it looks. This has always left me with a problem because the nubbin of tie left over is always too short to do anything with except tuck it into my shirt up high, and it is always noticeable. So when Anchor Tie boasted that their Anchor Neckwear label was strategically positioned to catch the small end of the tie, regardless of how you tie it… I was curious to put it to the test. I was very pleased to find out that it did exactly what it said and it passed with flying colors!

Another nice function of this tie, is how it anchors to your dress shirt keeping your tie in place no matter if you lean over or find yourself walking through a windy part of town. This is made possible through elastic bands with button holes on the top and bottom of the concealed pocket. It’s nice that the elastic was placed at the top and bottom, so it is sure to work for everyone. It doesn’t pull or put strain on your neck, and works great regardless of height and style of shirt worn.

If you haven’t checked out Anchor Tie, whether you wear a tie on a daily basis or one every couple of years, you are missing out! This is a tie that dad would in-fact love to receive for Father’s Day or any other day of the year.”

Live the Tie Life,

See what makes Anchor Ties better than any other!

Monday, June 7th, 2010

If you find yourself asking, “how do those Anchor Ties stay in place?”, let me take a moment to explain. Simply put, Anchor Ties do more than any other necktie available. Each Anchor Tie features two elastic strips that attach to two buttons on your dress shirt, keeping the entire tie in perfect position. Here is a picture of how the elastic strips attach to your dress shirt:

As you can see, the elastic strips can go up or down to the nearest button. Regardless of how you tie your ties or where your tie falls, there will be a button available for each elastic strip.

Here is another view showing how the elastic strips and how they securely attach to the buttons. You can also see the Anchor Design in the tie tipping, a classy touch!

So now you can see for yourself just how functional Anchor Neckwear is. Never worry about your tie getting in the way again. When you wear one, you will find yourself noticing other’s ties out of place and often showing off your Anchor Tie to others. You won’t want to wear your old ties again!

One more feature of Anchor Ties, the Anchor Neckwear Label is strategically placed 6 inches higher than the fabric loop and most other tie labels. Not only is it a label, it catches the small part of the tie, regardless of how you tie your knots. Can your ties do that?

Here is a link to the Anchor Tie pictured -

Live the Tie Life!

Press Release – 6/2/2010 – Father’s Day Gift Unlike Any Other

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Not Just Another Tie for Dad: New Anchor Neckwear Stays in Place, No Matter What

TAMPA, Fla., June 2, 2010 — A new fashion retailer is offering a novel take on that timeless Father’s Day gift, the tie. The Anchor Neckwear website ( features 100-percent silk handcrafted neckties that securely “anchor” to dress shirts so they stay in perfect position all day, enabling wearers to look polished and professional at every moment.

“Anchor Neckwear has solved every fundamental problem with the standard necktie,” said Joseph Sale, founder of Anchor Ties. “Men will never again have to worry about their ties swaying out of place, dipping into plates, cups or sinks, being blown over their shoulder by the wind or otherwise getting in their way. Moreover, Anchor Neckwear is perfect for anyone who has to wear a tie to work, including restaurant and hotel employees, doctors and salesmen.”

Anchor Ties feature a patent-pending design with two elastic strips that attach to two buttons on a dress shirt, securely keeping the entire tie “anchored” in place. In addition, all the ties include a concealed pocket where wearers can discreetly store business cards, credit cards, money, an iPod or any other small, flat item. Even the Anchor Neckwear label is strategically positioned to catch the small end of the tie, regardless of how the wearer ties it.

When Sale worked as a Fortune 500 account executive, he often noticed that his tie and those of his clients were out of place. When he lost his job, he recalled those incidents and decided to launch a new business that could provide a solution. After developing many different prototypes, he hit on the idea for Anchor Ties and founded Anchor Neckwear in November 2008. “Simply put, Anchor Neckwear is the most functional line of neckwear available, which is why our slogan is that it’s the only tie that works for you,” he stated.

Retailing for $30 each, the 30 silk neckties in the Anchor Neckwear collection are available in a variety of colors and patterns, including solids, stripes, port paisleys as well as patterns of dots, wheels and geometric shapes. The website offers e-mailed gift certificates for last-minute purchases or for those who prefer to let Dad choose for himself.

Currently, the ties are only available at the website, but Sale’s plans include not only exclusive designs but also retail distribution, partnerships and wholesale opportunities for retailers or individuals. Anchor Ties may also be customized with branding on the inner label for corporate promotions or gifts.

In addition to creating the Anchor Neckwear portal, Sale has built a social media base to stay in touch with fashion-conscious professionals. Anchor Neckwear fans can access his TIE Life blog, a YouTube channel containing local television coverage of his ties (, a Facebook page ( and a Twitter page ( In addition to posting feedback, individuals will enjoy Sale’s posts and tips on such subjects as tying a Windsor knot.


Why every restaurant should have Anchor Ties instead of standard ties.

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

If you are in the restaurant industry and have to wear ties as a part of your uniform, you know just how much of a hassle wearing a tie can be. I see it way too often, restaurants spend millions on their concepts, marketing, branding, etc. but they often ignore the neckwear integrity of their staff. For less than most dishes on their menu, they can eliminate the hassles and risks of wearing standard ties in their establishment. It has been proven, that neckties in the service and hospitality industry contain high levels of bacteria, which can easily spread as the tie touches multiple surfaces or even customer’s dishes.

An even more alarming fact, ties are not washed or cleaned as often as shirts, pants, or other uniforms. Come to think about it, when was the last time you washed or cleaned your tie? Think about how many times you sneeze, how many times you touch your tie to adjust it and how many surfaces your tie touches throughout the day. A tie tack, tie clip, or tie bar does a good job of keeping the upper portion of the tie in place, but do not  keep the entire tie in perfect position. Some restaurants have their servers tuck the tip of the tie into their pants or apron. Do you want your server’s tie in their pants?

Until now, there hasn’t been a better option for the restaurant and service industry. Anchor Neckwear is the perfect solution for your uniform needs. We can custom design a tie to match the look and feel of your restaurant. Be among the first in the industry to adopt Anchor Ties and see the positive impacts immediately. Not only will your servers love wearing them, your customers will notice your attention to detail, dedication to quality service standards, and above all else, they will come back. You will be the restaurant who’s servers wear ties that stay in perfect place. Can your competition say that?

Contact us directly for bulk pricing, design options, and to learn how you can benefit from having your servers wear Anchor Ties.

Live the TIE Life,

The history of neckwear – Where did your tie come from?

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

You may have purchased your latest tie at a local retail outlet, men’s store, or from a website. You can even see the new trends of ties from famous fashion designers, such as Marc Jacobs. Regardless of how and where you purchased your tie, I bet you didn’t know it dates back to the Third Century B.C. That’s right, that piece of silk you knotted around your neck this morning is derived from centuries of neckwear use, evolving over time to what we use today. As you can see in the painting below, neckwear or knotted scarfs were used by Chinese terra-cotta warriors around 200 B.C.

In 1974, an army of 7,500 terra-cotta warriors were unearthed in China by local farmers. Each of the warriors had a knotted scarf around their neck, the first known use of neckwear. It was determined that this was the tomb of the first emperor of China, Ch’in Shi Huang-ti. Below is a photo of one of the terra-cotta warriors. It is thought that in early times, this form of neckwear was used primarily for protection from the sun and weather elements.

So next time you tie on your favorite tie, know that it’s not just another tie from China, but that it actually came from China’s rich history. For more information on the Terra-Cotta Warriors, please visit

The Windsor Knot – The History and How To Tie it.

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Did you know there are over 100 ways to tie your necktie? I would like to share with you my “GO TO” knot, the Windsor! In the 1930’s American fashion was dictated by two polarizing figures. The famous actor Fred Astaire and the Duke of Windsor (formally Edward VIII) influenced men’s neckwear decisions, still popular today.

The Duke of Windsor and his Grandfather King Edward VII both opted to tie their knots in a manner that formed a wide triangular knot. When the Duke of Windsor visited the Unites States in the 1930’s, his fashion sense was quickly adopted, as it was considered more comfortable and relaxed. Needless to say, the Windsor knot and it’s variations are still used every day. Here is a picture of The Duke of Windsor:

Duke of Windsor

The Duke of Windsor featured in Vogue Magazine

The Windsor knot is best worn with a wide collar or spread collar. When tied properly, the knot is tight, and does not slip away from the collar during wear. Compared to other knots, it is very comfortable to wear, as the knot itself will hold the tie firmly in place while still keeping space between the collar and neck.
The knot is symmetrical, well balanced and self-releasing. It is a large knot, which amply displays the fabric and design of the tie when wearing a closed jacket or coat. Here is a look at a completed Windsor knot, it is up to you if you would like to dimple, double dimple, or go flat.

Completed Windsor KnotHere is a simple 7 step diagram to help you tie your windsor knot…it’s actually pretty simple. A note on position, when getting started, the shorter the narrow end is around your neck, the longer the tie will be when finished.

Look your best and smell your best!

Monday, May 10th, 2010

I have forever been a fan of smelling better than my counterparts, both in and out of the office. If you want to have an unfair advantage, Cartier Roadster is the fragrance for you! It may be a bit pricey, coming in at just over $100 per bottle ($105). But let me be the first to tell you, it is worth every penny! I can not think of a time when I have worn this and NOT been complimented on how good I smell. To make an unforgettable first impression, wear your favorite Anchor Tie and Cartier Roadster, you almost can’t lose!

There are hints of English mint, vanilla and cashmere wood that blend together for an unforgettable fragrance.  You can purchase Cartier Roadster at a Nordstroms near you, or online at This cologne would make an excellent gift for Father’s Day or any other occasion for that matter. Another cool fact, the bottle is styled from the Cartier Roadster Watch collection.

Anchor Tie of the day – “The End”

Monday, May 10th, 2010

The End is really just the beginning! Actually, The End is a favorite place of mine. Located at the southern tip of Davis Islands in Tampa, FL. The End, as it is known is home to Davis Islands Yacht Club, Peter O’Knight Airport, Dog Parks, Boat Docks, and “beer can beach”. I have some of the best memories from growing up on Davis Islands, hence the names of the ties. Each Anchor Tie is named after a street (bodies of water) or landmark on Davis Islands.

This Anchor Tie features a unique blend of Black and White stripes, unlike any other tie out there. This tie is very versatile, but is best paired with a black suite and a white dress shirt. It can be worn to formal evening events and can also be dressed down for a night out on the town. All around, it is a very sharp tie!

The End will never get in your way, sway out of place or fly over your shoulder! Don’t give “just another tie”. This Anchor Tie would make an excellent gift for a recent graduate or for Father’s Day!