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Have a new iPad and need a stylish case? Have anything that needs a case?

May 14th, 2010

The Saddleback Leather Company has your covered, literally. Dave Munson started his company in 2004 the right way. Working from scratch and making one bag at a time. His signature handmade briefcases are sure to stand out with a rugged look that gets better with age. Please take a look at all of his unique items, briefcases, wallets, pouches, laptop bags, you name it…he makes it –

For those of you who just purchased an iPad, Saddleback makes a truly unique case ($55). It comes in several classic colors with the option to purchase additional accessory pockets, perfect for the charger or your iPhone. This would make an excellent Father’s Day gift…if your Dad doesn’t have an iPad, buy him one of Dave’s wallets!

You can also follow Dave and the Saddleback Leather Company on facebook and twitter.

Live the TIE Life,

Joe Sale

Famous Men and their Influence on Ties – Fred Astaire

May 12th, 2010

There is no doubt that Fred Astaire (May 10, 1899 – June 22, 1987) is one of the most enduring personalities to affect the way we dress today. With a career spanning 76 years and 31 musical films, he exhibited his dancing, singing and acting skills on stage and the silver screen. Fred Astaire and his flawless silhouette was often features on the cover of popular magazines wearing some of the finest suits, ties, and top hats.

Fred was well known for his fine London-tailored suits. But he had a tendency to wear light colored ties, and often pairing stripes and dots. His nonchalant attitude was extremely likable, conveying a sense of elegance and graceful living.

Fred was considered a fashion icon and continues to influence men’s fashion today. He often wore old ties as belts, which may catch on at some point. His legacy may live on, but may be forgotten at some point as nobody as played Fred Astaire in a current film or musical. He always refused permission for such portrayals, saying, “However much they offer me – and offers come in all the time – I shall not sell.” Astaire’s will included a clause requesting that no such portrayal ever take place; he commented, “It is there because I have no particular desire to have my life misinterpreted, which it would be.” You don’t see that too often these days! May his elegance, couth, fashion, and legacy live on.

Wear a dotted tie or a simple striped – black and white tie in honor of a great man.

If only you had an Anchor Tie, you wouldn’t look like this!

May 11th, 2010

I see it every day! Guys who put a lot of effort into how they look. Wearing a suit, freshly pressed shirt, shined shoes, fine watch, and a beautiful tie. Of those items, there is only one that can make you look like a fool…YOUR TIE!

Take a look at President Barack Obama on a trip to Florida in 2009. As you can see, his tie is the first thing you notice!

Obama Needs an Anchor Tie

Here is another photo of the President exiting Air Force One. Again, his tie is flapping in the wind!

Obama Needs an Anchor Tie

A couple of examples of how the tie you wear can often precede you. It is one of my goals to get Barack to wear one during his time in office. Could you imagine if he wore an Anchor Tie during the State of the Nation address and actually spoke about it? Help an entrepreneur out Obama!

The Windsor Knot – The History and How To Tie it.

May 11th, 2010

Did you know there are over 100 ways to tie your necktie? I would like to share with you my “GO TO” knot, the Windsor! In the 1930’s American fashion was dictated by two polarizing figures. The famous actor Fred Astaire and the Duke of Windsor (formally Edward VIII) influenced men’s neckwear decisions, still popular today.

The Duke of Windsor and his Grandfather King Edward VII both opted to tie their knots in a manner that formed a wide triangular knot. When the Duke of Windsor visited the Unites States in the 1930’s, his fashion sense was quickly adopted, as it was considered more comfortable and relaxed. Needless to say, the Windsor knot and it’s variations are still used every day. Here is a picture of The Duke of Windsor:

Duke of Windsor

The Duke of Windsor featured in Vogue Magazine

The Windsor knot is best worn with a wide collar or spread collar. When tied properly, the knot is tight, and does not slip away from the collar during wear. Compared to other knots, it is very comfortable to wear, as the knot itself will hold the tie firmly in place while still keeping space between the collar and neck.
The knot is symmetrical, well balanced and self-releasing. It is a large knot, which amply displays the fabric and design of the tie when wearing a closed jacket or coat. Here is a look at a completed Windsor knot, it is up to you if you would like to dimple, double dimple, or go flat.

Completed Windsor KnotHere is a simple 7 step diagram to help you tie your windsor knot…it’s actually pretty simple. A note on position, when getting started, the shorter the narrow end is around your neck, the longer the tie will be when finished.

Look your best and smell your best!

May 10th, 2010

I have forever been a fan of smelling better than my counterparts, both in and out of the office. If you want to have an unfair advantage, Cartier Roadster is the fragrance for you! It may be a bit pricey, coming in at just over $100 per bottle ($105). But let me be the first to tell you, it is worth every penny! I can not think of a time when I have worn this and NOT been complimented on how good I smell. To make an unforgettable first impression, wear your favorite Anchor Tie and Cartier Roadster, you almost can’t lose!

There are hints of English mint, vanilla and cashmere wood that blend together for an unforgettable fragrance.  You can purchase Cartier Roadster at a Nordstroms near you, or online at This cologne would make an excellent gift for Father’s Day or any other occasion for that matter. Another cool fact, the bottle is styled from the Cartier Roadster Watch collection.

What does your tie say about you?

May 10th, 2010

“As rich in meaning and as expressive as a poem, a tie gives a man his own language”. Stated by Gary Cooper in 1933.

This is a bold, yet very true statement. Your tie says more about you than you may have previously imagined.

What does your tie say about you?

While the picture of Gary Cooper is in black and white, the elegance and professional attire are the first things you notice. Regardless of the tie’s color, it is worn properly, paired nicely with a pocket square, and is in perfect position. You can tell, Gary Cooper was a man of distinction, class, and a true gentleman.

While Gary Cooper was before my time, he influenced many through his acting and off screen lifestyle.  Being fashion forward doesn’t take much, except for concerted thought and follow through.

Wear your Anchor Ties with confidence, knowing it will never get in your way or sway out of place, others WILL notice just how good you look!

Anchor Tie of the day – “The End”

May 10th, 2010

The End is really just the beginning! Actually, The End is a favorite place of mine. Located at the southern tip of Davis Islands in Tampa, FL. The End, as it is known is home to Davis Islands Yacht Club, Peter O’Knight Airport, Dog Parks, Boat Docks, and “beer can beach”. I have some of the best memories from growing up on Davis Islands, hence the names of the ties. Each Anchor Tie is named after a street (bodies of water) or landmark on Davis Islands.

This Anchor Tie features a unique blend of Black and White stripes, unlike any other tie out there. This tie is very versatile, but is best paired with a black suite and a white dress shirt. It can be worn to formal evening events and can also be dressed down for a night out on the town. All around, it is a very sharp tie!

The End will never get in your way, sway out of place or fly over your shoulder! Don’t give “just another tie”. This Anchor Tie would make an excellent gift for a recent graduate or for Father’s Day!