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Anchor Tie of the day – “The End”

Monday, May 10th, 2010

The End is really just the beginning! Actually, The End is a favorite place of mine. Located at the southern tip of Davis Islands in Tampa, FL. The End, as it is known is home to Davis Islands Yacht Club, Peter O’Knight Airport, Dog Parks, Boat Docks, and “beer can beach”. I have some of the best memories from growing up on Davis Islands, hence the names of the ties. Each Anchor Tie is named after a street (bodies of water) or landmark on Davis Islands.

This Anchor Tie features a unique blend of Black and White stripes, unlike any other tie out there. This tie is very versatile, but is best paired with a black suite and a white dress shirt. It can be worn to formal evening events and can also be dressed down for a night out on the town. All around, it is a very sharp tie!

The End will never get in your way, sway out of place or fly over your shoulder! Don’t give “just another tie”. This Anchor Tie would make an excellent gift for a recent graduate or for Father’s Day!