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Welcome to Anchor Neckwear and The TIE Life!

Friday, April 30th, 2010

I would like to personally welcome you to Anchor Neckwear and The TIE Life blog.

Finally, a tie that WORKS for you! Every Anchor Tie is hand crafted from the highest quality 100% pure silk and is guaranteed to exceed your expectations. Once you wear an Anchor Tie, you won’t want to wear anything else.

You may be asking, what makes Anchor Ties so unique? First and foremost, Anchor Ties securely attach to two buttons on the user’s dress shirt, keeping the tie in perfect position throughout the day. In addition to the tie staying in place, there is also a concealed pocket on the back of the tie, perfect for storing business cards, credit cards, money or nothing at all.

The blog for Anchor Neckwear will bring you several exciting segments. I look forward to bringing you the most unique gift ideas for men…those who want to “Live The TIE Life”. I will educate you on the history of the necktie and present you with articles relevant to everything neckties. I will also post unique and funny videos which I hope you will share with others. Finally, I will keep you posted on retail partners and special events in which Anchor Neckwear will be a part of.

Thank you for checking out Anchor Neckwear!

Live the Tie Life,

Joe Sale

Founder of Anchor Neckwear